Label: Twisted Flowers – TF001 
2 x LP 180gr Gatefold , Factory Sealed
River Flows Reverse – When River Flows Reverse
Haunting and hypnotic folk coming from Hungary. 
Recorded by the talented members of the Psychedelic Source Collective "in a cold shed in the middle of the muddy forest”,this double LP is mesmerizing, and full of quiet, pastoral beauty. more info
Label: Twisted Flowers – TF002
2 x LP  , Factory Sealed
Slight Layers, Predictions – Diviner Blues Sessions
Random blues jam session at famous Bajza 1.
Improvisational jam session,recorded live with the PSR portable studio at the underground rehearsal room of Satorinaut,Lemurian Folk Songs,Pilot Voyager and other Psychedelic Source Records formations. more info
Zenerik - Yeneƨis
Label: Positive/Negative – 001
LP 180gr , Factory Sealed,Numbered 250 copies
Free-jazz with cosmic atmosphere.
An amalgam of progressive-jazz-psychedelic-folk music, featuring freeform compositions blended with moog and brass sounds, creating a soundtrack atmosphere combining avant-garde, jazz and space elements.
Exploring facets of hyparxis with an improvisational feeling, the Zenerik project heads straight into a 70`s krautrock inspired vision of jazz delivering an impressive result! more info
The Exkursions- The Exkursions
Label: Positive/Negative – 001C
-LP 180gr , Alter. Cover, White Vinyl,Repress,Sealed,Numbered 250 copies
-CD , Digipak, Bonus Tracks
Zenerik - Yeneƨis
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Twisted Flowers
Andrea Kalvou 49

Lemurian Folk Sogs – Maro
Label: Twisted Flowers – TF004

LP 180gr  , Factory Sealed

Reissue of killer Xian Heavy Psych Blues Rock from Chicago 1971!
​On black or coloured vinyl

Psychedelic groove-rock, with killer female vocals.
Originally recorded June 14, 2017. more info
Label: Twisted Flowers – TF003
LP 180gr  , Factory Sealed, Insert